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We specialize in comprehensive research and solutions for the Z generation. Our services include focus group studies, surveys, mystery shopping, and social media analysis. We help brands understand and engage effectively with Gen Z consumers, driving exceptional customer experiences and business growth.

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Gen Z Experts

Unparalleled understanding of Gen Z behaviors, preferences, and trends.

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Delivering practical and data-driven recommendations for effective decision-making.

Comprehensive Solutions

A holistic approach encompassing research, analysis, and tailored strategies.

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We are the Insight Architects, decoding Gen Z's world with data-driven research and transformative strategies.

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Our Services

We are the Gen Z Experts, decoding the world of the Z generation through data-driven research and transformative strategies, empowering brands to authentically connect with the next generation of consumers:

Research Sessions

Focus Group Studies

Our focus group studies involve gathering a diverse group of Gen Z participants to engage in in-depth discussions and share their thoughts, opinions, and preferences. Through these studies, we uncover valuable insights into Gen Z's mindset, helping brands understand their target audience and develop tailored strategies that resonate with this generation.

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Customer Satisfaction Assessments

Feedback Analysis

We design and administer surveys to capture quantitative data and measure customer satisfaction among Gen Z consumers. By collecting feedback directly from this demographic, brands gain valuable insights into their preferences, expectations, and areas for improvement, enabling them to enhance their offerings and customer experience.

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Customer Perception

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping programs simulate real-world scenarios where trained evaluators, representing Gen Z consumers, visit physical stores or interact with online platforms to assess the overall customer experience. By providing detailed feedback on factors like product quality, service, and brand perception, we help brands identify areas of improvement and enhance their customer interactions.

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Performance Analysis

POS Audits and Location-Level Insights

Our in-store point-of-sale (POS) audits focus on assessing brand visibility, promotional execution, and customer touchpoints within physical retail environments. Through these audits, brands gain valuable insights into how their products and promotions are showcased, enabling them to optimize their presence, drive sales, and create impactful customer experiences.

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Customer Journey Assessment

Customer Experience Measurement

We employ a comprehensive approach to measure the customer experience across various touchpoints, including online interactions, offline engagements, and social media channels. By combining quantitative and qualitative data, we provide brands with actionable insights into how Gen Z consumers perceive their brand, helping them enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Gen Z Insights

Social Media Analysis and Audits

We monitor and analyze Gen Z's behavior, sentiment, and trends on various social media platforms. Through audits, we evaluate brand presence, engagement strategies, and content effectiveness. This enables brands to understand their digital footprint, identify opportunities for improvement, and optimize their social media presence to better connect with Gen Z consumers.

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No matter the size or type

Case studies

We have the expertise to assist you in improving your customer experience, enhancing brand reputation, and driving growth.

Accelerating Market Entry and Driving Product Success

To support the entrepreneur in launching her product successfully and capturing the Gen Z market, we undertook a comprehensive project that focused on market...

Engaging Gen Z and Driving Brand Success for a Fashion Retailer

Our team collaborated closely with the fashion retailer to devise a comprehensive plan centered around engaging Gen Z consumers and aligning the brand with...

Transforming Customer Engagement and Driving Sales Growth

To meet the client's objectives and improve customer engagement, we embarked on a comprehensive project focused on transforming the marketplace's customer experience and driving...

Revolutionizing Customer Experience for a Global Restaurant Chain

To fulfill the client's objectives, we undertook a comprehensive project focused on enhancing the customer experience throughout the restaurant chain. The project encompassed the...

Elevating Customer Experience and Brand Reputation

To meet the client's objectives and cater specifically to Gen Z travelers, we embarked on a comprehensive project focused on elevating customer experience and...

Customer Delight & Brand Excellence for a Health-Tech Startup

To address our client's objectives, we initiated a comprehensive project focused on boosting customer satisfaction and enhancing their brand reputation. The project included the...

As a Gen Z participant in their project, I had a truly remarkable experience with Enstanten. Their inclusive approach, professionalism, and attention to detail were impressive. I highly recommend their services to fellow Gen Z individuals seeking to make a meaningful impact on the development of products and services aligned with our values.


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